Eyelash extensions are a great way to add length, fullness and color to your lashes for a naturally beautiful look or an instant way to boldly draw attention to your eyes and create a dramatic effect.  In many cases, there isn't a need for mascara with eyelash extensions.

Cat Eye $50

Lashes applied to the outer corner of each eye; bold and unique

Extreme Cat Eye $75

Lashes applied from the middle to the outer corner of each eye; an exaggeration of the cat eye creating a more dramatic effect.

Doe- Eyed $90

Lashes scattered throughout the lash line adding fullness and length, soft and flirty

Lioness $120

Lashes applied throughout the lash line, fuller than the doe-eyed; fierce and alluring

Tigress $150

Lashes applied throughout the lash line, our fullest look; fearless and seductive

Re-Lash $40 and up*

This needs to be done every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain your lash look; Available for all looks except the cat eye.

Your lash extension appointment will start with a consultation, followed by taping down the bottom lashes to keep them from getting adhered to the top lashes.  A protein-removing cleanser will then be applied to clean and clear any debris from the lashes ensuring that the extensions adhere properly.  After a primer spray is applied and lashes are combed through, your extensions will be adhered.  Lastly, lashes are coated with a sealant to protect them from oil and debris building on them throughout the first day when the bond is most susceptible to damage.  We will then go over lash care and make a re-lash appointment if you haven't already and you will be on your way with your gorgeous new lashes!

Please come to your appointment with clean lashes, free of mascara, to ensure that the full allotted time slot is available for your lash application. 

*Lash extensions can last up to 5 weeks if cared for properly.  Because our natural lashes go through a continuous cycle of growing and falling out, they do need to be refilled to maintain the desired fullness.  A typical re-lash of properly cared for lashes will be a replacement of 25 lashes total, which is included in the starting price; additional replacement lashes will be charged at $1.50 per lash.

Extensions are applied with Glad Lash products; Adhesive is safe, fume-less and made in the US.


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